Transforming Efficiency & Compliance

Parallel mobile and admin app solutions allow a rail engineering firm to double business capacity with existing staff.

August 16, 2019
Greg Pryor, COO, Consumer Cellular

Business Impact

  • Allowed company to double business capacity with its existing staff.
  • Reduced time to generate invoices.
  • Enhanced regulatory compliance by allowing audit responses in less than 5 minutes.
  • Streamlined reporting and decision making by providing daily reports.
  • Reduced annual operating costs.
  • Expedited time to dispatch teams, improving customer service and satisfaction.


Business Capacity


Audit Response


Faster Invoicing


Lower Operating Costs


A company providing a full spectrum of rail engineering, construction management, and project management services to railroad companies was limited by inefficient systems. Reliance on spreadsheets for scheduling field employees, dispatching teams and equipment, and maintaining compliance reporting resulted in incomplete documentation and compliance issues. An inefficient billing and customer service platform put undue load on internal staff.

AltSource built a customer portal, scheduling platform, operations dashboard, mobile field application, audit compliance tool, admin dashboard, and billing and payroll processing platform to maximize operational efficiency for a transit engineering and construction company.

Solution Features

  • Operations Dashboard: Provides visibility into daily operations and access to real-time project details and specific workflows.
  • Scheduling Platform: A centralized hub for scheduling and tracking all work performed across the organization.
  • Customer Portal: An intuitive interface allows customers to place orders, pay for services, and see their project details.
  • Mobile Field Application: A field service solution to support flagmen and supervisors with daily work reports, audit execution, photo attachments, and geolocation.
  • Billing & Payroll Processing Platform: A platform designed to automate invoice generation and payroll processing.
  • Admin App: Integrated scheduling, dispatch, and reporting. A flexible dashboard provides a consistent experience across all forms and functions.