Aug 16, 2019

Transforming Efficiency & Compliance | Construction

The Scenario

A construction company providing a full spectrum of rail engineering, construction management, and project management services to railroad companies was limited by inefficient systems. Reliance on manual-entry spreadsheets for scheduling field employees, dispatching teams and equipment, and maintaining regulatory reporting resulted in incomplete documentation and compliance issues. Additionally, an inefficient billing and customer service platform put undue load on internal staff.

After talking about business goals with the product management team at AltSource, a custom software development company in Portland, the AltSource team put together a suite of mobile and admin-focused web applications to streamline the construction company’s business processes, better maintain their data, and maximize operational efficiency.

Custom software
Product strategy

Features & Benefits

For projects in the field, AltSource designed a customer portal, an operations dashboard, and a mobile field application. These tools allowed the construction company’s team members to work on-site with railroad clients while still being able to communicate business-critical information back to their headquarters at the click of a button.

Next, AltSource focused on the needs of the administrators by building specialized admin dashboards that had full access to scheduling platforms, audit compliance tools, and other key parts of the business. With digitized data updated in real-time, administrators had better control over maintaining schedules and regulatory practices as well as monitoring teams active in the field.

Lastly, AltSource addressed the inefficient billing and customer service platform by creating a billing and payment processing platform that was better suited for how the construction company ran its business. Likewise, AltSource included automated customer service tools to make it easier for the construction company to communicate with customers and address their needs.

Business Impact

Reduced Annual Operations Cost
  • With real-time digital information, the construction company gained better control over scheduling personnel and moving materials, which helped them to use both more efficiently and avoid redundant spending.
Decreased Time to Generate Invoices
  • With an updated billing platform and automated workflows, the construction company could submit invoices quickly and get paid faster than before.
Enhanced Regulatory Compliance
  • Audit compliance tools empowered administrators to perform compliance checks in under five minutes, streamlining the process while keeping everyone safer at the same time.
Doubled Business Capacity
  • With an operations dashboard and scheduling platform, the construction company knew exactly where team members were, so they could deploy them more efficiently and double their productivity.
Improved Customer Service & Satisfaction
  • Using mobile and web applications to better control business operations, the construction company expedited the time to dispatch teams and materials, making projects run more effectively, which made for happier customers.