May 18, 2023

Mobile App Tracks Hours & Automates Tasks | Retailer

The Scenario

A nonprofit retail store chain needed a better way to empower their employees. Team members were stuck using aging hardware to track hours. The program created overhead for HR to manage hours and deliver information to payroll. Additionally, employees had no direct way to manage PTO or other pay-related requests. When team members were on the job, they also had to deal with outdated tech. Nearly 40% of their day was spent on monotonous, manual-entry computer tasks. This hindered productivity.

The organization recognized they needed to provide better support to their employees. That’s when they reached out to AltSource, a software development company in Portland.

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Features & Benefits

The AltSource team analyzed workflows related to tracking hours. To fix the aging hardware problem, AltSource recommended and built a time tracker app usable on tablet and other devices. AltSource's UI/UX designers created a modern interface that provided a better experience.

By integrating the time tracker app with the existing custom backend software, HR could monitor schedules and verify time entries more quickly. The app also allowed employees to submit PTO requests directly, making it faster for the HR team to address.

To reduce manual tasks, the AltSource team rewrote a large piece of outdated software. Modernizing with automations saved team members time, which translates into massive cost savings. Several critical software features were also added to a mobile app to speed up tasks.

Business Impact

Automations Reduced Costs
  • By automating and simplifying daily tasks, employees can get more done in less time, which saves the organization on labor costs.
Decreased HR Overhead
  • Implementing a time tracker app simplified HR tasks and made it faster to handle PTO requests.
Increased Productivity
  • Employees can now leverage the modern system and mobile app to complete tasks more efficiently.
Improved Employee Morale
  • By investing in modern technology, the organization continues to show their willingness to support employees with the tools they need.
Enhanced Customer Service
  • With improved technology, employees can work more efficiently and provide customers with better overall service.