Jul 18, 2019

Simplifying the Claims Process | Electronic Claims Services

The Scenario

Electronic Claims Services (ECS) provides digital solutions that help automobile insurance companies manage and track claims from intake through repair and payment. Unfortunately, the company’s lack of real-time data and images created a cumbersome and time-consuming claims-processing workflow. Often, insurance companies had to dispatch claims adjusters directly to sites to capture claim data manually, which added extra cost and time to each claim.

ECS needed a more efficient and less expensive way to both capture and receive claim data. Furthermore, ECS wanted a simplified method in which insurance customers could completely and accurately capture claims data without requiring a field adjuster or being restricted to a specific mobile platform. Looking for a local partner, ECS turned to AltSource, a custom software development company in Portland, to help them design the right-fit solution.

Mike Emmerson
Director of Product Development, Electronic Claims Services

“The app AltSource created allows us to serve our customers with a simplicity and efficiency we never before imagined possible, resulting in an improved customer experience and reduced operating costs.”

Custom software
Product strategy

Features & Benefits

After discussing ECS’s business goals, company needs, and preferred workflows, the AltSource team built a custom mobile app to modernize and streamline the entire claims process. Insurance customers accessed the app through a link sent either by email or text. From there the app guided them to take photos, videos, and gather additional claims information.

The mobile app also gave agents a better way to communicate with customers during the claims process. In-office agents could guide customers through the mobile app processes. They could also engage with customers via live chat, text, and voice conversations all while customers captured claims data.

As a company focused on continuous improvement, ECS also wanted a way to record conversations between customers and agents for review, reporting, and training purposes. AltSource made sure to provide this capability to further support ECS in their long-term growth plans.

Business Impact

Increased Field Adjuster Efficiency
  • Instead of wasting time driving to customer locations, field adjusters could work directly with customers through the mobile app.
Reduced Claim Processing Time
  • By gathering all data on the mobile app, there was no longer lag time between field adjusters going out to gather and input claims data manually.
Expedited Repair Shop Payments
  • Thanks to faster claim processing, insurance companies could pay repair shops faster, allowing insurance customers to get their cars repaired on a more timely basis.
Improved Data Storage and Access
  • By centralizing the data in a mobile app, insurance companies and agents could access information more easily and run highly accurate reports.
Boosted Customer Satisfaction
  • Customers no longer had to wait for field adjusters and could now gather claims data, ask for help, and get their claims processed and paid for faster.