Jun 15, 2021

Simplified Solutions for Better Outcomes | Oregon Health Sciences University

The Scenario

Oregon Health Sciences University (OHSU) wanted to provide patients with better mental healthcare services, but they needed the right software solution to address several issues. For instance, they needed multilingual compatibility and the ability to convert patient responses into electronic medical records (EMR). OHSU also wanted to implement a more in-depth patient screening questionnaire, but the complexity of the questions would no longer work in a paper-based format.

OHSU knew they needed the right technology partner to help them build out a better software solution, and that’s when they turned to AltSource, a software development company in Portland.

Jim Winkle
Research Associate, OHSU

“We had a vision for how our app needed to function, but this was a very complicated project. AltSource was able to turn our algorithms and flow charts into a digital product that provided a seamless experience for patients, care providers, and researchers.”

Custom software

Features & Benefits

After reviewing OHSU’s needs and mapped-out flowchart questionnaire, AltSource recommended and built a digital app and customer portal. The portal was designed with multilingual capabilities to overcome patient language or literacy barriers. Likewise, information from both the app and the portal was connected to feed directly into OHSU’s EMR system so that caregivers could access the information.

By making the complex patient screening questionnaire completely digital through the self-service customer portal, patients could quickly respond to the questions so that doctors and admin could prescribe optimal intervention strategies to improve patient outcomes.

Furthermore, with the app, OHSU team members no longer had to enter patient questionnaire data manually. Doing so improved data integrity and provided staff members with more bandwidth to focus on higher-value tasks.

Business Impact

Enabled Self-Service Customer Portal
  • Through the portal, patients could answer the questionnaire in the waiting room from any device, helping them to get the right care for their needs.
Reduced Language Barriers
  • By providing options in both English and Spanish, the customer portal significantly reduced communication barriers between doctors and patients.
EMR Integration
  • All data gathered in the customer portal uploads directly into the facility's EMR system, keeping doctors informed and patients' information confidential.
Improved Data Integrity & Management
  • Instead of manually transferring patient info into the system, wasting time and risking errors, patients input their info directly into the portal.
Enhanced Customer Service
  • Both the app and the customer portal provide customers with faster access to healthcare services, billing information, and additional resources to help them on their mental health journey.