Oct 19, 2022

Providing Payment Options for Better Customer Service | Consumer Cellular, Inc.

The Scenario

Consumer Cellular, Inc. (CCI), one of the nation’s leading mobile virtual network operators (MVNO), always strives to deliver and improve customer service. As their business grew, they noticed that it was time for a billing platform update to handle the increased demand for their services.

To provide customers with the best experience possible, CCI knew they needed a platform that offered a user-friendly interface. Likewise, they wanted something that could offer multiple payment options. CCI also wanted to work with a local technology partner, which is when they turned to AltSource, a custom software development company in Portland.

John Marick
CEO, Consumer Cellular

“Our partnership with AltSource is one of the most trusted business relationships we have. Their insights and solutions help move our business forward and deliver exceptional value to our customers.”


Features & Benefits

AltSource’s first step was determining the different payment options and identifying the opportunities to improve the user experience. The goal was to prioritize improvements that reduced user frustrations and increased successful payments.

To make the payment process easier, AltSource’s team built seamless integrations between the billing platform and the phone systems, customer service department, customer portal, mobile app, equipment financing vendors, and collections agencies.

By building a more user-friendly interface and integrating all related systems, AltSource’s custom software solution increased CCI’s successful payment rate to industry-leading standards. Furthermore, the bulk of failed payments could now be handled without the need of calling customer service.

Business Impact

Payment Rate Increased
  • By providing different payment methods from one billing platform, CCI increased its successful payment rate and reduced collections issues.
 Integrated Systems
  • Instead of dealing with separated data and systems, Altsource’s solution integrated CCI’s payment gateways, mobile apps, fraud detection & identity verification systems, phone/IVR systems, CRM systems, e-commerce sites, financing vendors, and cellular carriers.
 Customer-friendly Payment Options
  • Upgrading the billing platform opened the door for mobile payments, pay-by-phone, autopay, and eCheck payments, giving customers multiple ways to pay.
Faster Customer Service
  • Customers got the information they needed directly from the billing platform, eliminating the need to wait on hold for answers.
 Consistent Cash Flow
  • By increasing the successful payment rate and decreasing the need for sending customers to collections, CCI added additional stability to this revenue stream.