Powerful Project Management

An electrical contractor improves organization and transparency of job tracking.

October 26, 2020
Kirby Electric
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“Our experience with AltSource has been perfect. Real-time data syncs from the field and I can see all project information in a single dashboard now.”
Greg Pryor, COO, Consumer Cellular

Paul Hoskins

Project Manager & Estimator, Kirby Electric

Business Impact

• Increased project efficiency and visibility

• Reduced challenges from bad, missing, poorly organized, and hard-to-search data

• Allowed field-based viewing and updating of data from any device

• Increase customer and regulatory response time with documentation

• Enforced critical business rules to ensure compliance


Kirby Electric was quickly outgrowing the capabilities of Excel, Quickbooks, and a server-based file system and need a more efficient project management solution. Foreman would sometimes save files and documentation in the wrong places, edit the wrong versions, or delete important files, making it very difficult to see accurate project statuses without diving deep into the reports. They realized they needed a more efficient way to track and manage projects, statuses, required documentation, and schedules.

After evaluating off-the-shelf solutions, Kirby Electric determined that a custom web application was the only comprehensive solution to their business problems. They needed to manage projects, support unique workflows, and have visibility into real-time data. They wanted to see all details of projects and their statuses in a clean, simple view, helping managers direct their attention to jobs that need it most.

AltSource helped replace an inefficient Excel and server-based file system with a custom project management platform tailored to Kirby Electric’s specific requirements. This allowed them to own the software and avoid expensive per-seat license fees many off-the-shelf project management platforms require.

Features & Benefits

Project Creation & Management: Users create a new project and associate all relevant fields, information, milestones and required documentation.

Document Storage: Users have direct access to docs via links in the project workflow view.

Customer Reminders: A prompt alerts users if information is missing, incomplete, or out-of-date.

Reporting Dashboard: A high-level dashboard on project health give leadership visibility into real-time data.


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