Jun 14, 2021

Modernize to Move Forward | Nelson Trucking Company

The Scenario

Nelson Trucking partnered with AltSource to build a WebApp to assign, schedule, and manage their national fleet of drivers and vehicles, as well as create and manage the jobs associated with their clients’ needs. By eliminating dependency on paper-driven workflows, our application automated processes to increase efficiency across the entire organization.

Nelson Trucking was using excel spreadsheets and other manual processes to schedule and maintain a national fleet of trucks. They needed a single system to streamline these manual process and provide a history of all activity. AltSource created a solution that allows trucks, drivers, jobs, locations, and other components to be scheduled together for a specific amount of time, with specific considerations. Now, they can manage and grow the business without having to scale up the team. Multiple workflows and processes at Nelson Trucking have been streamlined. In one case, an improved workflow reduced the amount of time it took to complete a series of tasks by half (from 6 days to 3 days).

Custom software
Product strategy

Features & Benefits

Employee Management/Scheduling:

Calendar and list views to allow managers to assign and schedule jobs and the required resources to perform the job.

Resource Management/Scheduling:

A separate view to maintain the assignments of physical resources like trucks and trailers as needed for jobs.

Quote-Job-Work Order:

Workflow for sales team to manage quote creation, transition that quote into a job, and assigning work orders to individuals.

User Management:

Admin dashboards to manage the internal users and their roles to allow for specialized experiences within the application.


Automatically track necessary information for billing to clients.

Customer Management:

Admin dashboards to manage the customers, and specific contact information.

Business Impact