Jun 14, 2021

Modernize to Move Forward | V. VanDyke, Inc.

The Scenario

V. VanDyke, Inc., formerly Nelson Trucking Company, is a specialized oversized hauling company out of Washington. They were trying to manage their entire national fleet of trucks using spreadsheets and other manual processes. The company never had real-time numbers, and could neither automate nor optimize their logistics planning. Additionally, they had no way to track activity histories.

The company wanted to get away from paper-based planning and streamline their entire fleet management system. That’s when they reached out to AltSource, a software development company in Portland.

Custom software

Features & Benefits

The AltSource team of software developers and business analysts worked with V. VanDyke, Inc.'s stakeholders to outline workflows and figure out right-fit software solutions that aligned with how the company did business. To move their business off of paper and into the digital space, AltSource created a web app to assign, schedule, and manage their national fleet of drivers and vehicles.

The biggest part of the web app included the management and scheduling of both employees and resources in connection with specific jobs. Through the web app, managers could use calendars and lists to see all jobs, employees, and resource allocations in real-time, making it far easier to add updates or run reports to track activity.

Customer management was also an essential part of this web app for V. VanDyke, Inc.. Through the app, sales teams could manage quote creations and transition those quotes into active jobs. From there, they could assign work orders to specific employees. Additionally, AltSource included billing and invoicing into the web app, automating accounting processes for better revenue collection and management.

Business Impact

Streamlined Workflows
  • Digitizing with the web app reduced the amount of time it took employees to complete a series of tasks by half (from 6 days down to 3 days).
Cost-Saving Resource Management
  • A real-time view of open jobs as well as employees and available equipment empowered team leaders to manage resources more efficiently without costly delays.
Improved Employee Productivity
  • By accessing their specific user accounts on the web app, employees could easily see their assignments and receive immediate notifications when job changes occurred.
Enhanced Customer Conversion Workflows
  • Being able to create quotes digitally and transition those quotes into active jobs significantly increased the number of customer conversions and sped up work order processes.
Revenue Stabilization with Real-Time Billing
  • With digital customer information on the web app, it was easier for admins to track jobs, run reports, and automate bill processing to gather payments more quickly.