Aug 16, 2019

Modernizing for Improved Efficiency | Staheli West

The Scenario

Staheli West designs and manufactures hay steamers, allowing commercial growers to harvest and bale hay more effectively. With a global network of dealers across multiple continents, the company builds every product to order. They also honor warranties and service their products as needed.

New orders, product warranties, and dealer claims for repairs were handled via manual processes, including spreadsheets, phone calls, and typed-out emails.

With everything done manually and no central way to process information, costly human errors occurred. Furthermore, dealers had little visibility over key business operations, making it near impossible to track orders or provide customers with accurate information about wait times.

Staheli West finally reached a point where they needed better control over their business information, which is when they turned to AltSource, a custom software development company in Portland.

Dallin Staheli
General Manager, Staheli West

‍“AltSource really listened to our needs and built exactly what we needed. We went from making phone calls and tracking updates on spreadsheets to having information automatically pushed out to dealers. This is an absolute night and day difference.”

Custom software

Features & Benefits

AltSource’s business analysts and technology developers met with Staheli West’s team to identify the goals of the business and the ideal solutions to reach those goals.

As the biggest issue was giving the dealers more visibility of the information, AltSource recommended and designed a secure dealer portal built as a responsive web app to give dealers and other members of the company real-time access to company data.

By digitizing the data and creating a central database for the dealers, this custom software web app helped all parts of the business. Now they had full visibility of new orders, warranty information, and repair requests.

Full visibility and access to data on the backend also translated to better customer service. Staheli West team members and dealers could provide customers with the most current information about their products and service questions.

Business Impact

Better Data Access
  • Uploading all the information to a web app gives dealers and team members across the company secure access to the same information.
Streamlined Order Processing
  • The web app automates several parts of the order process, making it faster and more accurate.
Clearer Communication Workflows
  • With all the information in one place, it’s easier to communicate problems and get ahead of issues in real time.
Improved Warranty Management
  • With automated workflows set up as part of the warranty management system, dealers and representatives could provide better customer service.
Increased Data Integrity
  • Digitized information greatly reduced the chance of human error, making Staheli West’s data across the business more accurate.