Modernizing Data with a Cloud-Based Web App | AltSource | Cascade Meats

The Scenario

Cascade Meats, a subsidiary of Bruce Pac, purchases meat to manufacture pre-cooked meat products. As the company has grown, it was time to overhaul their 20-year-old system used for tracking the purchasing and selling of meat products.

Like many legacy inventory management systems, Cascade Meats' system had unnecessary features, a lack of search functionality, no role-based workflows, and limited remote accessibility. Additionally, their legacy systems were dependent on older operating systems, making roadblocks for their IT department to fix regularly.

Ready to improve their systems and looking for a local partner, Cascade Meats reached out to AltSource, a custom software development company in Portland, to support their software updates.

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Features & Benefits

The AltSource team met with Cascade Meats to identify their system needs, users, workflows, and goals. One of the first recommendations was to go from a legacy system to a cloud-based custom software web application that could handle modern APIs and provide remote access. As part of the web app development, AltSource built workflows and functionalities to improve data entry processes and automate them.

Additional automation was added to purchase orders and invoices to calculate storage charges, interest rates, and other fees. With the ability to create purchase orders and invoices more accurately through automated data, the app allowed Cascade Meats to produce both known and ad hoc reports to keep better track of all related activity.

Business Impact

Reduced Data Entry Time

  • With the web application managing the data, information for each account is automatically updated in all necessary fields.

Automated Workflows

  • As different users create purchase orders, their actions trigger different workflows to send orders to the system, create invoices, and monitor information.

Increased Forecasting Capabilities

  • Access to all data through the web application allows users to run reports so that they can forecast more accurately and improve key business metrics.

Improved Communication with Vendors

  • By giving vendor partners access to input orders on the web app, Cascade Meats can more quickly fill those orders and deliver optimal service.

QuickBooks Integration

  • This API effectively connects Cascade Meats’ inventory management web app to their accounting department systems for real-time data and reporting.