Jul 18, 2019

Legacy Modernization Success | Northwest Generics

The Scenario

Northwest Generics supplies generic prescription medications to more than 180 pharmacies throughout the Western US. High-level customer service and accuracy are critical to their business, but their legacy software system started to hinder their ability to deliver.

Team members struggled with a cumbersome ordering process and a lack of visibility into key accounting processes. Unable to manage their inventory in real-time, warehouse errors increased, adding to inventory waste and lost revenue. Customers became frustrated with product delays and errors, and company team members felt lost and unable to provide better service.

Recognizing they needed a better solution, they reached out to AltSource, a local custom software development company in Portland.

Tina Klundt
Warehouse Manager, Northwest Generics

“We knew our business could run more efficiently but we never knew by how much. AltSource really understood our needs. The solution they built for us has transformed our operations in ways we never could have imagined."

Custom software
Product strategy
Supply chain

Features & Benefits

The AltSource team helped Northwest Generics map out their current business processes for their inventory management and ordering systems. Doing so allowed them to identify bottlenecks and other problems. The AltSource team was able to make recommendations on how to optimize, starting with creating a point of service (POS) ordering pharmaceutical management system.

To support the ordering system, AltSource implemented a double scanning process to help improve accuracy during manual order pulling. This also allowed administrators to track their inventory of products by code, lot number, and expiration date, helping them to audit more efficiently and stay within compliance.‍

AltSource also improved and updated the inventory management system with real-time inventory data and a daily order queuing system. Processes were also established to promote a first-in-first-out product rotation to decrease inventory waste. To ensure that purchase orders and billing statements were up-to-the-minute accurate, AltSource connected the new ordering and inventory management systems to accounting systems.

Business Impact

Reduced Inventory Errors
  • Using the double-scanning process, warehouse picking errors were reduced by 99% during the first quarter of implementation.
Optimized Accounting & Reporting
  • Real-time ordering and data empowered the accounting department to maintain accurate invoices and pursue payment for orders.
Decreased Written-off Product Losses
  • By updating their systems with inventory best practices, team members more accurately pulled products before they expired.
Improved Customer Service
  • The improved ordering system and reduction in inventory errors provided a better experience for Northwest Generics’ customers.
Boosted Employee Productivity
  • No longer burdened with a clunky system, team members could more easily access order information to fulfill orders with better speed and accuracy.