Legacy Modernization Success

A pharmaceutical reseller reduced warehouse picker errors by 99% within 1 quarter and transformed its operations.

November 24, 2020
Northwest Generics
“We knew our business could run more efficiently but we never knew by how much. AltSource really understood our needs. The solution they built for us has transformed our operations in ways we never could have imagined."
Greg Pryor, COO, Consumer Cellular

Tina Klundt

Warehouse Manager, Northwest Generics

Business Impact

  • Cut warehouse picker errors by 99% within 1 quarter.
  • Expedited accounting functions and reporting.
  • Reduced written-off product losses.
  • Exponentially increased speed and ease of order submission.


Northwest Generics is a supplier of generic prescription drugs to more than 180 pharmacies throughout the Western U.S. . Their legacy system could no longer support their business and had become a roadblock to success. A cumbersome ordering process and lack of visibility into key accounting processes made it difficult for the them to effectively serve customers and manage vendors. Warehouse errors contributed to customer frustration, inventory waste and lost revenue. The company needed a technology infrastructure that directly enabled efficient operation across the enterprise to enable future growth. Enter AltSource.

Solution Features

  • POS ordering via customers’ pharmaceutical management system simplifies order placement.
  • Barcode scanner and double scan process increases order accuracy.
  • Ability to track product by code, lot number and expiration date improves audit compliance.
  • Daily order queuing and real-time inventory data empowers staff to make decisions that maximize warehouse efficiency.
  • Lot tracking allows implementation of first-in-first-out product rotation.
  • Accounting system provides visibility into billings and purchase orders at every step.