From Paper to Profits

A retail distribution center replaced manual, hardcopy processes with a digital solution that facilitated inventory tracking and fulfillment

April 16, 2020
Price Mart

Retail distribution center expedites fulfillment, reduces errors & boosts customer satisfaction.


Price Mart manages retail distribution from multiple vendors to more than 150 stores across the Western United States and were routinely faced with the need to split product received from multiple vendors, directing some to a warehouse and some directly to more than 150 customers. As their business grew, the company’s manual, paper-based system hindered Price Mart’s ability to efficiently move and track product. This contributed to order fulfillment errors, reduced staff efficiency and customer frustration.

Solution Features

  • Provides flexibility by allowing orders to be placed by customer POS systems using EDI or a dedicated customer portal.
  • Inventory management platform enables inventory to be split upon receipt for immediate shipment to customers, eliminating the need to shelve stock before fulfilling orders.
  • Reduced handling time and number of steps required to fulfill customer orders increases accuracy and expedites order fulfillment times.

Business Impact

  • Simplified customer order placement process increased sales.
  • Cut order processing and fulfillment time.
  • Reduced order errors.
  • Improved warehouse efficiency.
  • Increased customer satisfaction.

“AltSource did more that "just" build software for us—they helped us be more efficient, productive and profitable thanks to that software .”

Gary Altman, Price Mart, Warehouse Manager