Jun 23, 2021

Building a Foundation for Scalable Growth | Pacific Architectural Wood Products

The Scenario

Pacific Architectural Wood Products is a manufacturer that produces mainly wooden doors. Their engineering teams relied on manual processes, but unfortunately, those did not work well on the manufacturing floor. Time-consuming calculations slowed down the process, and it was difficult for engineers to maintain paper printouts of all the needed information attached to each project.

They needed a solution that would automate some of the repetitive tasks and reduce the need for project printouts. That's when they reached out to AltSource, a custom software development company in Portland.

Dennis Bryant
General Manager, Pacific Architectural Wood Products

“Getting 100% of what we need means all product information is centralized and accessible. The new production system stores all the data in the application AltSource developed, thereby reducing mistakes and lag time between the sales department, the production floor, and the back office.”‍

Custom software

Features & Benefits

The AltSource team analyzed Pacific Architectural Wood Products’ business processes for manufacturing products from start to finish. Their analysis helped them determine that digitizing the process with a multi-faceted web app would deliver the automation the company needed and eliminate the need for paper printouts.

The web app was designed to first manage customers, including creating sales orders and storing contact information. Next, the web app provided administrative support with dashboard tools for planning and forecasting production, managing inventory, keeping track of the bills of materials for projects, and managing vendor information.

With the information digitized, the web app helped production teams identify orders more easily, prepare them for tracking and shipping, and schedule them for delivery. Team member actions within the app could also be tracked, allowing for better internal monitoring, which aided in reporting and noting productivity levels.

Business Impact

Accelerated Production Time

  • With sales orders digitized, engineering teams received and produced orders faster.

Increased Customer Satisfaction

  • The web app empowered customers to enter orders online, and they received more up-to-date information about production dates and shipping.

Improved Inventory Accuracy

  • By digitally keeping inventory information up-to-date, team members could better forecast inventory needs and acquire materials to keep up with orders.

Reduced Production Slowdowns

  • As the web app automated certain tasks and maintained all the previously printed out information, employees were able to get through projects more quickly.

Enhanced Reporting Capabilities

  • Administrative dashboards within the web app improved capabilities for reporting on inventory, forecasting, employee productivity, and delivery speed.