Jun 23, 2021

Building a Foundation for Scalable Growth | Pacific Architectural Wood Products

The Scenario

Pacific Architecture Wood Products’ engineering team was performing time-consuming manual calculations that didn’t always translate well to the manufacturing floor. They partnered with AltSource to build a WebApp that tracks their sales process, inventory, bills of materials, production and shipping information as it follows their products from work order creation through the production floor, and ultimately to billing and invoicing. They now have a completely digital record for all activity in their facility, allowing for an increased efficiency of their production floor.

Dennis Bryant
General Manager, Pacific Architectural Wood Products

“Getting 100% of what we need means all product information is centralized and accessible. The new production system stores all the data in the application AltSource developed, thereby reducing mistakes and lag time between the sales department, the production floor, and the back office.”‍

Custom software
Product strategy

Features & Benefits

Sales Order Creation:

Beginning with the sales team, an order can begin without the full commitment of production, to allow for quoting or non-finalized job creation.

Planning & Forecasting:

Dashboards illuminate the necessary work over the coming weeks to allow for production and inventory forecasting.

Inventory Management:

Inventory tracking and management to keep their materials on hand dialed in.

Part & Bill of Materials Management:

Bill of Materials and individual parts management to inform production and inventory.

Production Tracking:

Digital job tracking through the entire production facility - utilizing barcoding and labeling of jobs.

Packaging & Shipping:

Digital packaging station allows for in-depth management for a serious reduction in mistakes or damaged packages.

Billing & Invoicing:

Direct, in-app billing and invoicing to clients to digitally track the accounting workflow.

User Management:

Admin dashboards to manage the internal users and their roles to allow for specialized experiences within the application.

Customer Management:

Admin dashboards to manage the customers, and specific contact information.

Vendor Management:

Admin Dashboards to manage the vendors, and specific contact information.

Business Impact