Award-Winning Technology Partnership | Consumer Cellular

The Scenario

Consumer Cellular knows that a skilled technology partner will create a lasting competitive advantage. For over 16 years, AltSource has worked directly with stakeholders across their organization to capitalize on technological advances and unlock new market opportunities.

Our partnership is built on trust, understanding, and a sustained commitment to continuous co-innovation. Consumer Cellular leverages AltSource as an extension of their team, and we adopt their unique challenges and goals as our own.

John Marick
CEO, Consumer Cellular

“Our partnership with AltSource is one of the most trusted business relationships we have. Their insights and solutions help move our business forward and deliver exceptional value to our customers.”

Custom software

Features & Benefits

Customer-First Call Center

Creates a single view of the customer journey and monitors interactions, directing agents to respond to customers in a natural way as opposed to following a standard script. The platform personalizes the sales experience and supports 3.4 million lines of service.

Mobile App

Expands customer touchpoints & reduces load on call center agents by allowing Consumer Cellular customers to pay bills and check usage. In the first year, the app served 2 million users, handled 22% of all customer payments, and reduced time needed to make a payment by 94%.


Go disrupts the caregiving market with technology solution to provide a safe, affordable, concierge-style call-to-order ride service for seniors that integrates with Lyft. CC Go provides increased value to customer and family members, strengthening customer loyalty with a technology-led service.


Is a financing solution that enables Consumer Cellular to offer interest-free installment plans to customers, opening the door to the sales of higher-value phones, tablets and associated service plans. It integrates with Equifax and creates a custom credit score based on four levels of creditworthiness.

Billing platform

Delivers enhanced cash flow, streamlined call center requests & continued customer satisfaction. The platform expedites time to bill, increases usability, seamlessly integrates with EasyPay platform, promotions, usage data and other applications.

IoT home monitoring solution

That remotely connects customers with family members to allow seniors the option to age in place. The so identifies a person’s normal patterns via machine learning. Sends real-time dynamic alerts via mobile app when abnormal activity is detected.

One Desk Support

Solution helped Consumer Cellular earn six consecutive J.D. Power & Associates Awards by increasing agent efficiency, reducing time to resolution, and improving customer satisfaction.

Business Impact

AltSource is built to drive business outcomes. Our success is a direct result of our approach, process, and ability to execute. It’s not just about technology. We structure our organization and hire talent to enable clients to eliminate operational inefficiencies and accelerate growth.

The team of technology experts at AltSource maintains a future-focused roadmap with an ongoing portfolio of strategic enhancements and solutions. We have the capacity and capability to accelerate growth and drive innovation at scale.