Award-Winning Technology Partnership | Consumer Cellular

The Scenario

Consumer Cellular (CCI) was not always the telecommunications giant they have become today. In the early 2000s, they were still looking at different strategies and processes that could help them grow. One of the choices they faced was how best to enhance their technology capabilities quickly so that they could scale their business. That’s when they settled on investing in a technology partnership with AltSource, a custom software development company in Portland.

John Marick
CEO, Consumer Cellular

“Our partnership with AltSource is one of the most trusted business relationships we have. Their insights and solutions help move our business forward and deliver exceptional value to our customers.”

Custom software
Product strategy

Features & Benefits

For more than 16 years, AltSource has supported CCI and helped them develop and implement their some of their most successful technology advancements. Doing so has helped CCI to branch out across organizations and unlock new market opportunities. In many ways, CCI has leveraged AltSource as an extension of their team.

Improving CCI’s call center was one of the biggest projects AltSource took on. Not only did they streamline the customer journey, but they created a platform that helped agents personalize the sales experience for every client.

As part of the call center update, AltSource also improved the billing platform using a customer portal mobile app that allows for EasyPay, installment plans, and direct-product sales. During the first year of implementation, nearly 25% of all customers used the app to pay their bills.

Since the bulk of CCI’s customers are senior citizens, AltSource and CCI came together to build innovations focused on this demographic. For example, they built CC Go, an app feature that helped senior citizens schedule Lyft rides more easily. They also created an IoT-based home monitoring solution that would send alerts in real-time should senior citizens need help. This gave elderly customers autonomy and the ability to age in place while also giving their family members peace of mind.

Business Impact

Modernized Customer Service
  • By implementing a mobile app and creating a customer-first call center, CCI could deliver service efficiently and in a way that worked for their customers’ needs.
Developed Niche-Specific Solutions
  • Focusing on their main customer demographic empowered CCI and AltSource to build solutions tailored to solve highly specific pain points.
Enhanced Billing Platform
  • With the mobile app’s EasyPay option and the optimized call center menu, CCI reduced the time it takes a customer to make a payment by 94%.
Improved Employee Support
  • Creating a better workflow throughout the call center empowered agents to respond to customers more naturally and personalize the sales process.
Created Award-Winning Efficiency
  • Thanks to the implantation of so many customer and efficiency-focused software solutions, CCI earned six consecutive J.D. Power & Associates awards.