October 3, 2022

My Fertility Health Shows Health App at ASRM | AltSource

“The world has changed and healthcare is changing with it. The integration of technology and medicine is revolutionizing healthcare delivery throughout the world. navie, a comprehensive software platform and mobile application by My Fertility Health Inc., now brings this seamless integration to one of the fastest growing global healthcare markets - reproductive health and infertility.” (The co-founders of My Fertility Health, Inc.)

Portland, Or., 10/05/2022 – My Fertility Health Inc. co-founders, Jamie Massie, MD, and Mollie Huyck, will be attending the American Society for Reproductive Medicine’s (ASRM) convention in Anaheim, CA, October 22-26, 2022 and are available to connect during these days.  A physician and patient team, Massie and Huyck have partnered with AltSource, a customized software development firm. By mixing Massie and Huyck's combined expertise and experience in reproductive medicine with the AltSource team's knowledge of designing and building industry-disrupting applications, their partnership has produced an application that will provide exceptional support to those on their fertility and reproductive health journey.

Over 186 million people worldwide live with infertility, making it one of the most common diseases affecting 20 to 45-year-olds globally. In the U.S., the CDC reports that 1 in 5 individuals are unable to get pregnant after 1 year of trying. Despite these staggering statistics, those struggling to conceive have few resources available to aid them in navigating the complexities of fertility care.    

Massie and Huyck are on a mission to transform the fertility industry beginning with a technology-based platform that provides access, support, and data ownership to the millions of individuals who are trying to build their families.  “Despite significant advancements in the field of reproductive health in the past 40 years, patient care resources are antiquated, stress-inducing, and limiting,” says Massie, a Stanford trained Reproductive Endocrinologist and Infertility specialist with over 10 years of experience in the treatment of infertility.   

Huyck, who experienced a personal journey through unexplained infertility and underwent over a decade of fertility treatments, explains that “infertility treatment is not only complicated, it is time-consuming, costly and emotionally exhausting - the use of technology to decrease these burdens is the next logical step in providing high-quality reproductive healthcare to all.”  

With nearly half of the counties in the United States lacking a single obstetrician-gynecologist, virtual care platforms for reproductive healthcare, like navie, are more important than ever. The WHO recognized this need in their 2020 infertility fact sheet, stating that “the provision of high-quality services for family-planning, including fertility care services, is one of the core elements of reproductive health.”

Regardless of where a person is on their reproductive and fertility health journey — trying to conceive naturally, undergoing fertility treatments, or keeping their reproductive health record secure — navie provides them with the tools necessary to stay organized, supported, and in control. Such tools are essential, as missing an appointment for a $20,000 treatment or making a single medication dosing error can be the difference between a successful outcome and an unsuccessful one.

Immediate access to accurate and personalized reproductive health information and fertility care is critical to treatment success. As the cornerstone product for My Fertility Health, Inc., navie, will be the foundation for a comprehensive virtual care platform that the company plans to bring to market in the next twelve months. Thanks to their partnership with AltSource, Massie and Huyck have been able to achieve their goals by bringing this professional platform to life while meeting patient privacy compliance requirements.

Being a custom software development company in Portland since 2004, and as a member of the Technology Association of Oregon (TAO), AltSource enjoys working with innovators dedicated to improving the customer experience. “As a business focused on consultancy and partnership, we understand the value in building products that make customers’ lives easier,” Joe Manning, Director of Sales, said. “It’s been fantastic working with passionate and focused people like Jamie and Mollie. We’re excited to see their app going to market and improving the reproductive health and fertility journey for so many people.”

Participants attending the ASRM event in October can get early access to explore navie by reaching out to: mollie.huyck@navieapp.com 

About navie: My Fertility Health, Inc.

navie: My Fertility Health, Inc., is dedicated to providing the support and tools necessary for navigating every individual's reproductive health and fertility journey. This mobile application empowers users to gain better control over medication schedules, related appointments, lab work results, store private medical records, and more. No matter where people are in their journey, this application can help lower stress and organize reproductive health and fertility activities for everyone.

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