September 20, 2022

Business Update: Client Partnership with Apparel Manufacturing

Industry Leader Apparel Manufacturing Continues Digital Capabilities Growth with AltSource

Portland, OR., [09/21/22] — Apparel Manufacturing continues to rapidly expand its B2B e-commerce capabilities while providing phenomenal service nationwide and internationally in the branded merchandise industry. To achieve its e-commerce goals, Apparel Manufacturing has chosen to partner with AltSource, a Portland-based business consultancy and customized software development firm. AltSource has enabled Apparel Manufacturing to identify current and future business needs related to its B2B e-commerce network in addition to developing a roadmap for optimizing services and improving tech capabilities.

As a third-generation family-owned and operated business located in the Metro-Atlanta, GA area, Apparel Manufacturing has been in business since 1981, providing a wide array of embroidered, screen-printed, and custom cut-and-sewn apparel, as well as accompanying promotional products. “We’re dedicated to our customers. When it comes to meeting their expectations, ‘no’ is not an option,” said Martin Tulis, President and CEO. “By partnering with AltSource to grow our e-commerce capabilities and update our digital tech solutions, we’re better able to stay true to that mission.”

Being a reliable partner and delivering exceptional customer service is what matters to Apparel Manufacturing. The company knew it needed a partner with the same vision. That’s why the company started working with AltSource.

“As a customer-centric business, we understand what it means to grow continuously and find new ways to improve the customer experience and deliver real value,” Tom Kobayashi, Chief Solutions Officer at AltSource said. “We are grateful for this opportunity to work with Apparel Manufacturing to help them build and roadmap the technology solutions they’ll need to continue providing great customer service.”

About Apparel Manufacturing:

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Apparel Manufacturing is a trusted name in the corporate apparel industry. Working out of the Metro-Atlanta area since 1981, and with a production facility located in Lilburn, GA, the company has added to its staff and capabilities to provide customers with industry expertise and fantastic service. By providing branded apparel and promotional products, the company has gained clients throughout multiple industries, including aviation, construction, general corporate, healthcare, hospitality, law enforcement, landscaping, manufacturing, and beyond.

Richard Tulis

COO & General Counsel
Apparel Manufacturing

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About AltSource:

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AltSource develops custom solutions that guide companies forward as they look to improve processes, customer experiences, and market position. Since 2004, AltSource has provided customers 360° service with industry-aligned digital product experts, business strategists, and developers who can transform ideas into custom technology solutions. Their Product Management team guides customers with go-to-market strategies, internal tech adoption plans, and post-launch support.

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